Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a week & Happy Valentine's Day

So much for faithfully blogging every day...I've been so busy with sewing, dyeing, cooking & shoveling 4 ft of snow I've barely made my daily 5 min check on FB & blogs.

I have the surprise quilt top for Jim finished & I'm waiting for a few more people to hand in their squares for the back (they're writing him messages that I'll hand embroider). I'd really like to get that to him before the end of the month & it's big, it'll take me a few days to manipulate the quilting on my little machine.

I dyed about 30 fq's for a special gift quilt & started sewing it yesterday. I went with a traditional block to feature the fabric, it's not quite what I envisioned but I'm going with it, I think it'll be okay (famous last words there).

I finished knitting a hat for Jeff, knit another one start to finish & have yet another on needles. Finally(!) someone who appreciates a good handknit wool hat, I was seriously worried he'd wear out the first one I knit him before the winter was over. He thought he lost it at work one day and made his coworker go back to the site to look for it :) He works outside most days, all day, a warm hat is a lifesaver.

I've never been much of a Valentine's Day person...honestly the last really special gift I remember was my senior year of highschool Chris showed up at my work one evening with a dozen roses, dressed in his best suit & wowed me & my coworkers, lol. I tried to make today into something beyond just the usual lazy Sunday around here. I was kind of a grouchy you-know-what all week what with the snow & being stuck inside with no vehicle & drifts too deep to walk anywhere. Jeff was driving me nuts checking the weather every 2 minutes on about 20 different channels. He had this 'weather station' thing that gave indoor & outdoor temps and all kinds of (so he says) "useful" info that broke a few months ago. (My 2-cents, in PA you want to know the weather? Go outside & look up, it's cold, it's snowy, eventually the sun will shine again.) But I digress, he missed his little gizmo, it gave him such joy to walk by constantly quoting the temp. So I bought him a new one with even more features to keep him entertained. Not so romantic you say? Hell, he's like Max with a new squeaky toy, tickled pink & giving me & the remote a break with the constant channel changing. He surprised me this morning with a beautiful ring (not THAT kind of ring...) that I adore, just my style & it fits perfectly :) I had to crop out my blue fingernails from that dye project, let's see if I can successfully add a pic...

From 2010-02-14

Anyhow, off to dishes & baking for work tomorrow before I can even think of some evening sewing time. Happy Valentine's Day!

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