Friday, October 22, 2010


I've been sick for 2 or 3 wks, I've lost count. After one day prostrate on the couch I've been up & around but there've been so many sleepless nights I'm not sure what day it is. I've been busy sewing this week but no pics as I cleaned my desk and I can't find anything, including the camera. My "2nd job" that I mentioned is an opportunity with a startup company, courtesy of a contact at my last paying gig. I'm their only seamstress & I went from knocking out a few very simple items for their website to designing & sewing samples for some new products. I love it, it's interesting work, lots of math & puzzles, not the brain-is-mush thing that goes with factory sewing. I suggested yet another product I've tried to find that just isn't available that they're working on producing and a whole other group to market their products to. I have my fingers crossed that this might develop into my running a production group instead of being one of the drones, I got in at the right time :) If I can just get my stupid serger working right I'll be golden, I thought I had it last night but I had too many distractions & blew it up again. I need to get my butt in gear for holiday sewing, I have 2 quilts (of 3) in progress but not far enough, a charity quilt I'm well into but behind on, 2 baby quilts to plan & sew in the near future & who knows what else. I finished my latest pair of socks (2 at once on one circular needle), started another pair that are crawling along, but I also have a hat for a friend almost done I need to suck it up and finish before it's truly cold out. The house is a mess & must be cleaned before I go anywhere so I better get moving! (this post is all about me trying to hold myself accountable to projects in progress, lol)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That was different

This is one of the odder items I've been asked to sew...a "sock" for Jim's half-cast. He'll be getting a new full cast next week (we think) but right now he's got exposed toes & ace bandages holding on a fiberglass cast that covers the bottom of his foot & back of the leg. He wants to go out on the town a little tonight but it's been in the 40s & he needs to keep it warm & clean. I lined this with a soft cotton flannel (skulls of course!). The outer is a black poly PUL fabric, shiny side in. He can do a little "walking" on it without harm and it's water repellant & washable. Closure is 1 1/2" aplix (velcro) and I added some clear elastic to the calf area to snug it in a little more. I sure hope it fits!! My only pattern was a quick tracing I made onto newspaper this morning. It opens fully so it should be easy on, easy off.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I can't stop knitting these things! I finally finished the red pair I started last winter. I love the yarn, soooo soft, I got it from Knitpicks but I can't remember what it's called. Not the best colors here, they're shades of red with a lime green stripe. Unfortunately it's not superwash, within 2 hrs of wearing them the soles were felting in my boots, lol. I did 2 different style heels because I don't know if I had a pattern for the first sock or what but after a year I just wanted to wear them. I threw in a short row heel & didn't do the gusset decrease whatever part right but they fit so who cares, right? I love them! I've done this style cast on a few times, the toes are actually started flat in garter stitch. Knit a tiny swatch, then pick up stitches on the sides & increase on opposite points to create a diamond & start knitting in the round. It makes for an easy, well fitting toe.

And I picked up the yarn for these on Monday & I'm kicking right along. This is Paton's Kroy Sock, 2 at once, toe up on one circular needle. My first time with the technique, so far so good & no orphan sock that's a year late to the party ;) I like my socks kinda big & baggy because I wear boots 99% of the time, tight socks make me nuts. I probably should have used a smaller needle (this is a 3) but what the heck, I'm not starting over. I can't get over how boxy the toe part looks but they do fit perfectly when they're on so I guess I'm doing it right. I like non-matching socks, they're the same dye lot but I didn't match up the repeat for twins. I used Judy's Magic Cast-on, after watching the video a few times I found it surprisingly simple. Like my little pumpkin basket? A thrifted find yesterday, full of gourds I grew this summer :)
We won't talk about the baby blanket & hat I also have in progress, and the 4 quilts & the table runner AND I need to knock out a birthday gift by next week...I can't put the socks down!