Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That was different

This is one of the odder items I've been asked to sew...a "sock" for Jim's half-cast. He'll be getting a new full cast next week (we think) but right now he's got exposed toes & ace bandages holding on a fiberglass cast that covers the bottom of his foot & back of the leg. He wants to go out on the town a little tonight but it's been in the 40s & he needs to keep it warm & clean. I lined this with a soft cotton flannel (skulls of course!). The outer is a black poly PUL fabric, shiny side in. He can do a little "walking" on it without harm and it's water repellant & washable. Closure is 1 1/2" aplix (velcro) and I added some clear elastic to the calf area to snug it in a little more. I sure hope it fits!! My only pattern was a quick tracing I made onto newspaper this morning. It opens fully so it should be easy on, easy off.

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