Thursday, October 7, 2010


I can't stop knitting these things! I finally finished the red pair I started last winter. I love the yarn, soooo soft, I got it from Knitpicks but I can't remember what it's called. Not the best colors here, they're shades of red with a lime green stripe. Unfortunately it's not superwash, within 2 hrs of wearing them the soles were felting in my boots, lol. I did 2 different style heels because I don't know if I had a pattern for the first sock or what but after a year I just wanted to wear them. I threw in a short row heel & didn't do the gusset decrease whatever part right but they fit so who cares, right? I love them! I've done this style cast on a few times, the toes are actually started flat in garter stitch. Knit a tiny swatch, then pick up stitches on the sides & increase on opposite points to create a diamond & start knitting in the round. It makes for an easy, well fitting toe.

And I picked up the yarn for these on Monday & I'm kicking right along. This is Paton's Kroy Sock, 2 at once, toe up on one circular needle. My first time with the technique, so far so good & no orphan sock that's a year late to the party ;) I like my socks kinda big & baggy because I wear boots 99% of the time, tight socks make me nuts. I probably should have used a smaller needle (this is a 3) but what the heck, I'm not starting over. I can't get over how boxy the toe part looks but they do fit perfectly when they're on so I guess I'm doing it right. I like non-matching socks, they're the same dye lot but I didn't match up the repeat for twins. I used Judy's Magic Cast-on, after watching the video a few times I found it surprisingly simple. Like my little pumpkin basket? A thrifted find yesterday, full of gourds I grew this summer :)
We won't talk about the baby blanket & hat I also have in progress, and the 4 quilts & the table runner AND I need to knock out a birthday gift by next week...I can't put the socks down!

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Judy Laquidara said...

Love both those yarns. Red and lime green? WOW! Even with as many socks as I've knitted, I'm still not a good judge of what will felt and what will hold up better. About the boxy toes, I always think mine look boxy when I'm first done but after wearing and washing, they seem perfectly round.