Monday, May 9, 2011

2nd Garden Walk


Brrr, just a short walk this morning, it’s a chilly 45 out there.  Half my photos didn’t come out but I got a few…


I have a couple trays going on the porch (safe from kitties).  Some dwarf marigolds in the pot, cukes, way late tomatoes & flowers that haven’t sprouted yet.  I started these last week indoors on top of the coal stove for bottom heat.


J got started on his tomatoes (just 2 in the ground) and peppers (many!).  The bucket holds the experimental tomato and it’s really growing great in a mix that’s heavy on compost.  We have steady sunlight issues in the garden due to the large trees nearby, this is the prime location for his stuff, though he did totally invade my part of the garden for his red beets & squash (grr!).  Luckily I got some of his prime real estate for my okra this year, lol.


This poor photo…I can’t get it to brighten up the gorgeous dark pink bleeding hearts.  This was a gift from his mom yesterday, her bush had totally taken over its bed & made babies.  She’s giving me some black eyed susans in a few days too.  This adorns the corner of my new flower bed in the back that was a foundation for a shed or something years ago so it has a nice border & is easy to work in.  Before now it was just an eyesore of weeds & dirt.  I added some irises and planted seed for zinnias & sun flowers yesterday.  I’ve only seen a couple of my huge seed mix come up so far…we got torrential rains right after I planted & I’m not real hopeful, they probably washed all over the lawn.  I need to get my first 6 tomato plants in the ground today and finish planting the okra.  We’re supposed to have gorgeous weather in the 70s all week, I love it!

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