Friday, May 6, 2011



Seriously, I’m SO ready for the weekend.  I haven’t had any “work work” but am making some things for a booth next week.  Or rather, thing, as this is all I got done.


Another chenille baby blanket/quilt.  Still needs a wash/dry to fluff it up but it’s all sewn & slashed.  I used some extra packaged bias binding I had on hand, can’t stand cutting up yardage for bias.  The print is a cute cotton twill with owls & flowers.


Excuse the ugly patio furniture but I cut it with curvy edges so it’s got a whimsical/organic/whatever feel.  I think it came out pretty neat, this is a great baby size to wrap em up or let them play.  Hence the need for bias binding, I did it in 2 machine steps and it worked pretty well.

I missed the Wed garden tour photos this week, it was pouring down rain.  On my wander through the yard this morning nothing much has changed so I’ll try again next week, must be a little too early for weekly reports.

Have a great weekend, I’ve got some writing to do & then it’s party time!

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