Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy Morning!


Finally Friday!!!  I knocked out some projects this morning.  First up, I sewed & clipped this yesterday and bound & washed it this morning.  My first stab at chenille and I LOVE it!  I started cutting it with scissors but my hand was screaming in agony.  The seam ripper was way easier!


Above, before washing.  Below, after washing, it measures 34x44.”  I’ve had that paw print flannel forever, the other layers are regular cotton in orange, white and a blue print hidden in there so both sides do kind of match, bound in navy.  It’s really soft & cuddly now, I’ve got to make some more.  Inspired by this nice lady’s blog post.


And you’ve seen this one before…I started hand quilting it but had pucker issues so I ripped it all out this morning & used my machine.  Walking foot straight stitch around the inside of each 4-patch, machine tied in the middle of 4’s, stipple/loop FMQ in sashing, raw edge applique around flowers.


Please excuse the “draped over my cutting table” photo…other surfaces were busy.  Still needs binding but I’d had enough by then!


I took the dog for a ride in the car (ROFL, always an interesting trip), ran to Home Depot & planted 6 trays of seeds for the garden too.  I think it’s officially time for my weekend to begin!  Have a good one everyone!

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Kristina said...

Hi! I can't believe you made a chenille quilt in one day!! You are so fast. And I totally understand about your hand hurting :) Thanks for sharing with me!