Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Friday!


It’s been a slow blog week for me!  I finished a big project at work & joined the gym, my new addiction.  There’s a group of us who go around noon every day and I’m always the first to arrive.  Yesterday I did 9 miles (combined on several machines) and went back last night for an hour cycling/spinning class that kicked my butt!  It turned into a painful 20 mile day.  I was considering skipping today but it’ll be too easy to slip into that rut if I do so I’m trying to get my act together & the kinks worked out.  Knowing I can catch part of the Phillies first game at the gym helps, we’re so ready for some baseball!  I had 30 lbs to lose, thanks to bf’s awesome cooking skills over the last year + and I’m down 6 already.


This morning’s project is to stack & pin this top and really get something put together for a wall quilt I promised someone (still in the design phase, I think I finally have a plan that’ll work for that).  Have a great weekend!


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