Friday, March 12, 2010


I managed to finish a few things this week. Jim's quilt with 1 hr & 5 min to spare, presented Wed night with some friends who helped & kept the secret going.

These pictures are awful but I was on my way out the door with it. The back is signed by a dozen or so of his friends & I included some song lyrics about friendship to let him know we're here for him. He doesn't sing but he always comes out for karaoke night. He's already called asking if I'll sew some loops on the back so he can hang it, he's afraid to actually use it, lol...

I bought this pattern from the very talented Geta and sewed one up right away. This was one of the most challenging patterns I've made & includes a handy zip pocket in the back. I made a matching keychain too (hanging from the strap). I took the time to quilt around all of the flowers & I really think it makes the bag.

This morning I fought with my sewing machine, took it apart again & got it working well enough to make this little leather bag. I had a couple really soft suede calf hides in my stash that worked nicely paired with a Japanese quilting cotton. I scaled the pattern to 75% of the original. I love the exterior pockets, perfect for a cell phone.

I have 2 more bags in progress but I've been up working since 7am and I think I better get dressed & clean up a little before the day's gone! Thanks for looking :)

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Geta Grama said...

Hi Amy,
Your bags are PERFECT. I am glad you enjoy the pattern.
The black and white one is fabulous.You chose so beautiful fabrics.
And the combination suede+that Japanese cotton is outstanding.
I can't wait to see the other two bags !