Friday, September 3, 2010

I feel like a squirrel...

Hoarding away nuts for the winter. I just organized/inventoried what I've canned so far this summer & the shelves are pretty full. Not counting the 3-4 dozen jars of plum freezer jam (lost count, lol) & 4 of peach jam, here's where we're at, just in case I lose my list:

Plum Jelly 3 pts, 1 half pt, 7/10 (didn't gel well...)
Jalapeno Jelly 5 half pts, 8/10
Salsa 4 half pts, 8/10 (didn't care much for this...overcooked a bit & too much cilantro)
Dill Pickles 4 pts spears, 1 pt slices, 7/10 (great, very crisp)
Cucumber Lime Pickle Slices 2 pts hot, 4 pts regular, 8/10 (excellent!!)
Whole Habaneros 1 pt, 9/10
Mixed Hot Pepper Slices 7 half pts 8/10, 10 half pts 9/10
False Alarm Jalapeno Slices 3 half pts, 8/10
Tomato Sauce 3 pts, 7 half pts, 8/10
Diced Tomatoes 7 half pts, 9/10

I've given away a ton of the freezer jam, we just don't have space for it in there with the 10 or so bags of sliced & dipped (in cornmeal) squash. We're still picking a lot of hot peppers & will for another 6-8 wks. The tomatoes have slowed down considerably with the heat, my heirlooms are about dead. We're eating the last of the okra with tonight's dinner.

Here's where we store them, on the underside of the basement steps, easy access to the kitchen but cool & dark. We have to leave the bottom shelf empty, cat likes to nap there. I use mostly small jars, it's usually just the 2 of us eating. I finally removed the jar rings...a little nervous about that but I'd rather have them explode than open a bad jar later.
Back to work, house needs cleaning for dinner company tonight.

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