Monday, November 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Sigh, it took me all day...I started with something different last night for a new baby gift quilt, this morning I realized it wasn't going to work, bought more fabric & started over. This is all I have done...I hadn't done HST's in so long I had to look it up. Now I know why I so rarely do triangle anything, they take soooo long. This will become a Puff Quilt ala Honey Bear Lane's nice tutorial. One of my daughters had a puff quilt her great grandma made but it was done by hand, I like this method much better :)

I'm hoping to get this done quickly & delivered on Thursday (they won't all be HST's, thank goodness). Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to swing by Judy's for more Design Wall Monday posts!

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Denise :) said...

Blues and of my favorite combinations! :)