Friday, November 12, 2010

A Productive Day

I spent most of the day working on a birthday/Christmas quilt for a great little guy (pesky holiday birthday, I better figure out which it's for!). I got another pile of squares done last night but it was too late for a pic. Here's my mid-afternoon layout. I went with Kona ash for the neutral...I usually don't cave to a trend...I'm not sure if I approve or not, though it'll surely look clean longer than stark white, right? Hmm, I really don't like the gray, the "new black" my rear :p

And I finished a few more pink wonky log cabin squares for another gift quilt. Had a little helper soaking up the sun on my cutting table ;)

Puppy dog woke me before 4am and now I'm wide awake, guess I'll get back to quilting!

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