Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catching up

Our garden is doing really well this year!  I took a ton of pics but I’ll just share a few…




This is the largest one on my 3 Amish Paste tomatoes (J already picked 3 or 4 from his Early Girl).




These are some very late heirloom Cherokee Purples.  I wasn’t sure if my seed was still any good…well, most were but I was late to start them, playing catch up with buckets.  I have 3 different varieties in buckets & some others still in peat pots I’ll put somewhere.




Itty bitty cucumber!  I can’t wait to make more pickles.




“Mom, mom, mom! What’s that?!” (He goes nuts when someone walks/rides by, I was testing the camera settings, I was WAY across the yard, it came out pretty good.)




“OK, I’m bored…come play with me.”




First daylily bloomed




J’s cucumbers are spreading all over the place, not just up their fence.  Like my bird-scaring solution?




We had our first stuffed peppers of the season on Sunday, yum!  The plants are still fairly small but they’re loaded.




The hydrangea is such a vibrant blue.




And I’ve been quiet (and not sewing) because I’m doing a ton of this:




It’s nothing fancy (and totally filthy, got pic before I washed it) but it gets me around for now.  It’s not a true mtn bike but a hybrid/crossover, I could use some knobby tires and a softer seat but I’m holding out for Black Friday sales to upgrade.  I rode 18 miles Tues & 39 on Wed on the local bike trails.  Hoping for another 20 today, we’ll see, I’m actually going into the sewing room right now to make a custom frame bag to carry my tools & gear.  Will share a pic if it works out.  Hope you’re all having a nice last day of June!

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