Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally some sewing


After a month-long boycott of the sewing room (except for some long procrastinated curtain altering for a friend) I finally knocked something out this morning.  This pencil/marker roll was a request from my girls stepmom.  It was a real pain in the tush!  Only an hour but I did quite a bit of seam ripping & cursing.  Hopefully the next one goes better.


I’ve had a fat quarter of this Laurel Burch print for many years, glad to finally find a use for it.  To keep the pocket dividers (reasonably) straight I used masking tape & my walking foot.


I skipped the ribbon, I think a hair elastic makes more sense to keep it rolled up.


I had grand plans to do lots of sewing & quilting today but I’m still not feeling the love in that room…maybe tomorrow.


lahuber said...

How very cool!! I love the fabric!!

Lisa Marie said...

I made the tragic mistake of making a crayon keeper and a backpack for each of my nieces and nephews for Christmas last year, so I feel your pain! For something so small, they sure are a pain! You're not the only one. Promise!