Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Trying again…this wouldn’t upload yesterday…

Officially Summer in a couple hours!  I’ve been busy as hell cleaning, shampooing carpets, trying to make my studio look less like chaos and hide away half my stuff without actually losing it.  I did take a break to snap some pics of the lilies though.



We finally got the gutter done, brought in a ton of mulch and planted some flowers so it looks like someone actually gives a damn.  Of course my favs are the lilies.



I didn’t know what color this one (above) was until it bloomed a couple days ago since I sorta dug it up at an abandoned house last year (snicker).



I did legally purchase 2 of these red ones, LOL.




This was another surprise one (in top pic it’s not blooming yet).  It opened yesterday morning and I had to capture it at its best as they don’t stay pretty for long. 

I would sooo love to crawl back in bed this morning, it’s rainy & dreary out and I have nothing but a list of torture, err, housework that has a today deadline.  I’d much rather hit the gym or get my bike out and ride the trails (after that nap) but I guess I better get my tail in gear and we’ll see if I have any energy left later if/when the sun finally shines.  Have a happy Summer Solstice!

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