Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday


Here we go again, I’m creating an insane pile of tops that I need to quilt.  I have a ton of “work” sewing to do but I couldn’t get inspired there, this charm pack was calling.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t excited about this one at all, it looked better online than in my hands.  But I like how it morphed once I was playing with the pieces.


This is Hideaway by Lauren & Jessi Jung for moda.  I adore green, especially for babies. 


I think it could have been fairly gender neutral but I had to use some of the extra squares and appliqued some flowers, girly now, huh?


I let the petals go all whimsical, I think it works.  This one will also be hand quilted & shouldn’t take nearly as long as the Central Park one I’m quilting now (which is kicking along pretty well).  I think I’m going to continue the flower theme by quilting some in the borders.  Very fast project, I had the top together (minus the applique) in about an hour. 

Editing Tues to add a pic of my WIP.  I saw a Ticker Tape Quilt Along on a blog and had to hop on the bandwagon, I love TT’s!  Here’s my morning progress, I’m digging a QAYG project, one less top to get to “later.”


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happydaysquilting said...

Your baby quilt is looking lovely, very pretty flowers!

Happy Quilter said...

The baby quilt is darling--I like the green.

Vicki said...

VERY CUTE and I love the flowers you added. What a great touch. I hate to have the leftover squares just sitting there staring at me!!

Chris said...

The little petals are too fun. It is looking so cute.

Quilter Kathy said...

Cute! What a great idea to quilt flowers in the borders!

Gari said...

I really like your baby quilt and even a baby boy would love your flowers.

QuiltSwissy said...

Love the baby quilt! So fun!


Karenkay said...

Love the quilt.....great colors!

Alycia said...

Love the flowers in the borders, The ticker tape quilt is awesome!!

Quiltstory said...

Love teh baby quit, and the ticker tape project looks really fun!