Friday, March 4, 2011

Back up and running!


The internet, that is.  Need to get my butt back out on the road running but I’m sick of the cold!  I’m about half caught up on my blog reading, gosh did I miss that for the last week.  We’ve already called & set up internet & tv with a new company but I’m not cancelling the current company until they get here next week.  I’ve done SO much sewing!  Even knocked out a 3 day work order, delivered it and picked up some more for the weekend.  I’m not sewing on it today though…some fluffy mail arrived a couple hours ago.


My thanks again to my supplier, I’m totally addicted to these little charm packs.  I already dove into the Dilly Dally, it’s about half cut and assembled for another cute baby quilt.

Did anyone catch the boo-boo in my 2nd Central Park quilt?  I left out a whole row of sashing, oops!  Here it is fixed & ready to quilt when I figure out what I’m doing with it.  I can’t believe I laid it on the kitchen floor but that’s all that was available right now.  Not that wonky, I was just in a rush & didn’t lay it out nicely (that would mean crawling on the floor that surely has some cat hair on it, I did give the quilt a good shake, lol).


OK, back to work, just had to check in, happy sewing!

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