Tuesday, December 21, 2010

…and nothing was stirring, not even a mouse


I love being the only one up in the wee dark hours.  Mr Dog woke me up in time for the lunar eclipse.  I was the only fool person outside on my street in my pj’s in the 29 degree, windy night but it was worth it, what a gorgeous sight!  And let’s be honest, 29 is a heat wave after the cold we’ve had this month.

I’m feeling a little better after a tumble on the ice pond skating on Sunday.  My neck’s still a little stiff but the shoulder (that was already paining me) is getting there.  Sporting some lovely blue bruises!

I haven’t done crap for sewing in a week except 20 hrs of work stuff that I still haven’t been able to deliver or get paid for, I think someone went on vaca without telling me.  I’m finally getting the creative urge again, hopefully I can finish up a couple of Christmas things this week (crossing fingers).  I did cut a bunch of pieces for the library bags I’m making the kids.

I’m not really sure why I’m posting except no one’s on FB & I already blog surfed today & apparently I’m the only one up!  Off to mix some tuna salad for J’s lunchbox & putter in the kitchen until he wakes up in a half hour.  Hope you’re all well & ready for the Holidays!


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Charlene S said...

Isn't it horrible to be up with no one to communicate with and you are in the mood to communicate? Take care of you and have a happy holiday.