Monday, December 27, 2010

Design Wall Monday



I’ve wanted to do a paper pieced quilt for a while now…but whoever invented this technique was nuts!  I’m using thin, easy to tear paper but I can’t see through it worth a crap once I have some pieces sewn on, wish I could print an exact reverse image on it.  I’m going to try tracing the lines onto the back before I do the next 1/4 square.  I also don’t have much room around the edges of this first one, I’m into my 1/4” seam allowance a little too close.  Ugh!  Guess I’ll start all over. 

I still have some Christmas quilts to finish & the kids bags (they’re half done anyway) but I won’t see them for 2 more weeks so I have time…needed to do a little “me” sewing but those 9 tiny pieces above felt like homework, lol.  I’m going to edit my 2011 UFO list to include this quilt, at least a few squares a month, it’ll probably take me all year but if I can do it it’ll open up a whole new range of available quilting patterns.


Diane said...

I find paper piecing to be a pain in the duppa-but sometimes it's just the technique that ya need! I'm directionally challenged (never ask me if it's a left turn or right turn)so I spend most of my time THINKING and flipping and checking and re-checking and I still have to rip out at least one
"sewn on the wrong way seam"..happens alot.
oh well

Teaquilts said...

Nice design and love the fabrics you are using. I think the paper piecing will get easier as you make blocks.

Susan Torrens said...

I use Carol Doak's method of paper piecing. I use an index card on the paper side, to help fold the paper back accurately. Then I trim the seam allowance to 1/4 inch past the fold (the stitching line). This helps to line up the next piece of fabric. After lining up, sew from the paper side again and continue. I also pre-cut the shapes, with extra seam allowance, before adding them. This helps with fabric waste, and it also makes sure that you have enough to cover each section. Don't give up on paper piecing - it is a good "tool" to have in your quilting skills toolbox.

Judy D in AZ said...


There are easier ways to paper piece. Try this one

I think this tutorial will show you the basics and some steps can be left out. I rarely actually iron the piece onto the paper.

I'm sure there are other tutorials you can check too. When you use freezer paper you don't have to rip it off and you can use the pattern over and over.

I always leave lots of extra on the edges and square it up afterwards-it is sure easy to short yourself on seam allowance.

Good luck with this. I really like the accuracy of paper piecing.


Patty said...

Go to Twiddletails blog and read her tutorial on paperpiecing without sewing through the paper. I think you will really enjopy it. I have done this exact pattern with the method.