Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday


Not much to show this week, though I did do a bit of sewing last week.  I’m working on some original quilt blocks for a contest here at Quilt Story.  I can’t remember the last time I joined a contest but the prizes are awesome & I love a challenge.  These 2 aren’t going to be submitted but I enjoyed playing with them the other morning, listening to the Creative Mojo podcast (am I the last person to jump on the podcast bandwagon?).  If you haven’t checked this out yet, try it!  I don’t have any fancy iPod, iPad or any of that but I do have a little mp3 player I bought about 5 yrs ago.  Up til now it didn’t get a lot of use, I’d take it to the skating rink for my workout (where they play lousy organ music during my preferred adult-only sessions) or on a run.  It’s only 2gb but I’ve never managed to fill it up with tunes.  I have a couple extra “libraries” that I loaded up with some radio shows last week & thoroughly enjoyed myself sewing while bf listened to Stern in the other room.  Anyhow, here’s what I created.


Quick wonky log-cabinish use of some of my Heather Ross scraps.  Ehh, will be a cute addition to a future baby quilt but nothing spectacular there…

Then I decided to try something different…a mix of ‘modern’ raw edge applique with some traditional piecing.  Here’s where I started


Some batik scraps appliqued down, then I started slicing & dicing the square.


Ehh, didn’t like this layout.


Ended up here.  Hmm.  “I” like it but it’s really not what I was going for.  Might make a cute pillow with some borders on it.  Harder to put together than I thought it would be, I did get my black to line up and only had to rip one time, narrow strips are a pain.  I’m going to play again today & hopefully come up with a contender in the modern or creative category.  I don’t see myself doing anything traditional, I’m really not a by-the-rules quilter.

Onto my 2011 UFO Challenge with Judy’s blog, I have most of my pieces cut and found 2 coordinate fabrics to go with them.  It’ll probably only take me 2 or 3 hrs to sew together but I’m procrastinating, it’ll get done by the end of the month.  No pic but I’m doing a pink & blue baby quilt from a fleece quilt kit (clearance steal) years ago.  Rag-style, no quilting required, no intended recipient either but it’ll go in my box o’ goodies for a future gift. 

I started cleaning my sewing room but it’s at that halfway point where it’s a disaster & not a creative atmosphere at all, blah.  My bf got laid off last week & he’s driving me totally insane Spring cleaning every other room in the house, I was afraid he’d try to move in on my room so I’m doing it myself.  Can you imagine someone else “messing around” in your studio space?  Eek!  He’s messing with my workout time too, I haven’t had a good run in a week.  Lost 6 lbs the first week, holding steady but I need to get back to it.  At this exact moment it’s –0.6 degrees outside…I should have joined the gym, that’s a cold 5am run!

Happy quilting all !


amy said...

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Anonymous said...

loving the black/white/batik combo...

Alycia said...

I do like it tho - I like seeing how you came up with that block. Thanks for sharing!