Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Finishes


These took way too long, lol.  First up, I started this (I think) at the end of the summer.  I thought it would be a pillow but it came out bigger than I intended & I don’t know where to hang it—so here it lives on the dining room table.



I wish I could remember whose blog I found the idea on, I really enjoyed making it and did some really tight FMQ.  The background isn’t white, it’s an ivory-ish/cream print (like a white on white, I love those for dyeing).

Next up, Christmas quilts.  Ahem, yep, end of January, the kids are coming tomorrow, I just tossed them in the washer. 

For the 6 yr old monkey fanatic, my quilting was way beyond that prancing pony thing, more like a near sighted galloping stallion.  The bottom 2 rows are quilted in large circles around each center, the top 2 rows are a curvy zig zag (shown) and the center is my first attempt at pebbling.  I know he’ll love it but I’m so sad it didn’t turn out like I planned.   I’m not showing the really bad circle rows, lol.


I backed it with a striped sheet & used a nice heavy flannel sheet for the batting.  The main color on the front is kona ash.


For my 9 yr old pink obsessed daughter a wonky log cabin.  I really like this one!  I didn’t make it super big and I think this is my first square quilt.  The white sashing is a sheet, the batiks are a joann’s jelly roll & I used warm & natural batting.


It kind of became a “use what I’ve got” project when it came to the back & binding.  I love this print, it totally doesn’t go with the front, heck it wasn’t even big enough & I had to add a strip of black.  The loopy quilting makes sense from the top, a little crazy on the black strip, lol.  These are the first 3 quilts I’ve labeled, used the alphabet on my machine on some yellow scrap, nothing fancy, they’re all alike.  I bound it with leftovers from the firehouse quilt I donated and I took the time to hand stitch it down., the corners came out great!


And for the 9 yr old boy I had instructions for “blue, baseball & stuff like bicycling, trains, skateboarding.”  I mostly went with the blue but there’s a baseball print in there and the backing I think is perfect.  Another flannel sheet for batting & my best quilting of the group.


And for reference, here are the tops from prior photos.


I love this alternate layout for drunkards path, I have a top for myself done the same way with batiks.


Next up for the kids is a white tiger quilt for my 12 yr old daughter.  Should be interesting!  I have until July, it might take that long!

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