Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gotta Sew Tuesday


I flaked on yesterday’s scheduled “Design Wall Monday” post…I didn’t have anything I hadn’t shown before so pffffft, I didn’t sew a thing yesterday, or the day before.

This morning was full of errands, right before I went out the door work called asking if I could drop off the shirts I did last week.  Normally I wouldn’t drive over with such a small order but I was going into the city anyway.  Then to the tire place which was 40 minutes of boring watching a talk show all in Spanish (ahem, 2 yrs of HS Spanish longgg ago didn’t do me much good) but my rear tires were racing slicks, it’s vastly improved but still needs to go into the shop for some front suspension work.  Hmm, then a quick run through the grocery store, stopped at walmart for my new camera I bought online (if you haven’t done their free site to store thing try it, I got a great deal & as I live almost within sight of the store it’s no biggie to walk on a nice day).  At that point I knew I had to go to the bank but I also needed lunch & the dog needed to go out so I came back, did that & wasted a couple hrs online & watching tv, lol.  J’s working nights this week and it has my schedule totally whacked.  I’ll be up half the night & I. Must. Sew. Something. Tonight.  Got to.

Anyhow, I adore the new camera & I’m going to try to upload a new pic of something (probably totally goofy/random/boring) every day this year.  Some of my favorite bloggers only post once a week and it drives me nuts as I visit every day (or twice a day, I’m a junkie).  So here’s my first, the cute frame J’s mom got me for Christmas holding a few fav pics of my girls.



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