Thursday, January 6, 2011

So much for…


…my sharing a photo a day, lol.  It might take me a few days to get into the habit!  I did go out for a walk hike in the woods yesterday afternoon.  35 degrees & breezy, I almost got back in the car (in the abandoned parking lot--I, apparently, am nuts).  Once I got across the first cable bridge & up the hill though it was noticeably warmer.  I often hike at Hay Creek in Birdsboro, that was my destination today, to the abandoned quarry & down a new trail.  I wasn’t sure where it led & got a little worried about a half hour in that I hadn’t left early enough and I’d be out there alone after dark.  Thankfully it came out very close to the trail head.  There weren’t a lot of photo ops…tons of leafless trees, I kept watching for deer but didn’t see any.  The working quarry was booming though.


Whoever marked this trail had a sense of humor (looking down from my vertical climb)


I should have gone in, there’s lot of interesting graffiti in this abandoned building.


From the edge of a cliff looking down on the abandoned quarry lake.  Next time I’ll start below & show the sheer face.


I wanted to go back today to hike again & clean up a bunch of litter someone left but it’s barely 32 & frigid, snow’s on the way soon.  Instead I occupied my time online looking for some more local hiking trails, I found one I went to a few years ago that I loved—top of my list for the next warm-ish day.

Sooo…kind of crappy first pics from the new camera but it’ll be Spring soon enough & I can go up to the lake I photographed last year.

On the sewing front I cut my Jan UFO Challenge and lost all interest, I think I’ll take a nap instead!

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