Sunday, February 6, 2011

Design Wall Monday



First up, my 2 Saturday finishes!  I made this little baby puff quilt in 2 or 3 days including the hand work (I tied it and hand sewed the backing to the front for binding).  It’s almost all satins with some brocade and something I’m calling “crepe” though I don’t know if that’s right.  Lots of nice texture but let me tell you, it was quite “stringy” to work with all those fraying squares!  I skipped the border & used flannel under the puff layer instead of batting because the last one I did weighed a ton.


The brocade butterflies are my favorite!  I had just enough scrap left from another quilt backing I made a few yrs ago for 8 squares.  I’ll definitely make another in these types of fabric, I find them a lot on the remnant rack though all of these came from my scrap bin, not a penny spent!  Ready to be gifted to a friend’s niece who’s pregnant with her first.  It’s small, just 29” square, but nice for a little newborn.  One of my fav, most used baby quilts was no bigger from my girls, it was our “car seat quilt” for going out in the winter.


I pieced this top over 3 years ago when my friend was pregnant with her twins.  Then I changed my mind on the whole project and made them something else, it’s been lugged around through a few moves and finally is done!  I practiced my FMQ on every bit of it except the denim strips.  The wonderful woman behind A Few Scraps blog has a great FMQ-along/tutorial I used and I’ll tell you, my quilting got SO much better!  Not so much my photography though, I was in a rush & only had the dining table available.


I’ve been hoarding these Heather Ross prints for years & if I’m frugal I can knock out a few more quilts with them Smile  It measures 30x41” which I found an excellent size to run through my machine.  Scrappy binding allows me to really use every little bit!  I backed it with a cream corduroy that feels really nice & it has flannel batting.  No home yet, I may take it to a local store to consign, the next baby on my list is a girl.  I have another coordinating top pieced from the same project that I’ll be tackling very soon.

I’m waiting for some charm packs to arrive for the next baby girl quilt so I’m back to my paper pieced flying geese circles for my Superbowl sewing…

Edited to add---I’ll share more tomorrow but here’s what I ended up doing during the game!



Kerri said...

Your baby puff quilt is so cute. I love the shine and texture.

Bonnie said...

I'm sure the baby will love the softness of those puffs. You had a lot to share today.

Vicki said...

So cute and cuddly, perfect for the newborn. Nice quilting too, I want to check that blog out. I am a freemotion quilter and love to get new ideas.

Chris said...

All cute projects. The puff quilt is incredible. I have never made one before.

Alycia said...

You have been busy. That puff quilt is really cute!