Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Friday


Did anyone miss me?  After going post crazy the other day I figured I should let my blog cool off a little, plus I’ve been uber busy with a custom quilt order that I sadly can’t show you except for this little peek at some stars.


That’s a lot of little pieces to fuse and a ton of math, tracing & cutting.  Fun though!  I have Jennifer to thank for reminding me how much I adore applique, here’s my 2nd take at her tester pattern in the works, modified yet again.


Now a bit of fashion weirdness about me.  Unless I’m running (which is lacking the last few weeks, ugh) I wear black boots ~everywhere.~  I have 4 pair I wear ALL the time, almost the same style, big clunky 2” heel, wide square toes, zip up the inside.  One pair are lace-ups, they’re my favorites!  Except I must walk funny, look--


See that heel?!  I’ve done that to 3 pair, same foot!  Yes that’s duct tape in there…I tried a couple different kinds of glue too, I can’t get it to stay together.  The remaining 4th pair of boots…they’re the nicest ones to look at, name brand, the only ones that are real leather…but they’re SO uncomfortable, the bottom is really hard, the arch is too high, it’s like walking on a slab of lumpy wood all day.  Plus they click-click-click when I walk like a horse coming down the street.  I really need to go shopping for some ‘new to me’ boots ‘cuz I’m cheap and pick them up at goodwill or the like for $5 in new condition.  They weren’t goofed like that until I wore them for a few months.  What I’d really like are some nice lace-up Justin cowgirl boots but can’t justify the pricetag.  I started wearing boots like these after a back injury  & spine surgery almost 2 yrs ago and now I can’t stand flat shoes.  Having some extra height is great because I’m short and they force me into a nice posture with shoulders back & head up. I walk with confidence even when I’m nervous or uncomfortable. 

Since I’m sharing all, to go along with the boots I have at least 30 pairs of bootcut jeans, I’m an addict!  We won’t talk about how many of those I haven’t worn for a year since I packed on some weight, it WILL be gone by bikini season, LOL!  99% of those were also scored at goodwill, when you’re shopping for size 4 (ahem, not right now) you find a ton of new name brand jeans for 75-cents, let me tell you.  I love my boots & jeans, my other addition is tank tops and I think I have more of those than jeans.  I have a great tattoo on my back that I paid good money to show off, I even wear tanks all winter.  Everyone who meets me remembers my name (mumbling under their breath I’m sure, there’s that crazy woman who can’t dress herself!).

Hmm, what else is new here?  I’m working on a book proposal.  I got “the look” from my boyfriend about it last night…way to be supportive babe.  Why not though?  I’ve wanted to write a book for 2 yrs, I just didn’t have a topic until I was out the other night ALONE and did some soul searching.  I know I can do it, I’m just afraid I have too much info on too many ‘kind of’ related subjects for a single book.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, research & teaching.  I was an English major in college, I even kept my senior English term paper on (of all weird things) medieval castles.  At the time I wasn’t sure why I was an English major except that I was at a small school & pre-med wasn’t an option when I filled out the scholarship apps (maybe they were afraid I’d keep milking them for money & never leave school?).  Sadly I didn’t make it through my entire freshman year before I quit to do the family thing.  I was ok with that decision until a couple years ago when I realized I’m not qualified ‘on paper’ for jobs that pay more than $8 an hour without that college degree.  I know how to do a million & six things & I learn fast but companies that are willing to take that risk are few & far between in this economy.

Anyhow, enough of that for now…back to my sweat shop!  Have a good weekend!

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